General Dentistry

If you are looking for a dentist in Manor Park, East London, then you have come to the right place.

At the Vara Dental Practice, in Manor Park, we offer our patients a wide range of procedures, both on the NHS and private, which will help to keep your teeth in good condition for the years to come.


Education about oral health care is a key part of the dental care that we offer, and, whilst we are able to repair most instances of teeth decay or damage, we would much rather educate patients on the best way to care for their teeth to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place, rather than having to treat them later on.

Quite naturally, a key part in preventing dental problems is to ensure that you visit us for check-ups on a regular basis. This enables our highly trained dentists and hygienists to advise, or answer questions, about the best way to care for your teeth and gums.

In the event of any problems, these can also be treated early on, avoiding more invasive procedures which would be needed if the problem was left to develop.

Patient Care

We value our patients and will do all that we can to ensure their comfort during examinations and procedures. Our standards of hygiene are excellent too and we do all in our power to prevent any risk of cross infection.

Our facilities include modern X-ray machines and other diagnostic tools to enable us to investigate any problems that the patient may have.

Dental Treatments

Whilst education is important, sometimes a tooth will need repairing. The method used to correct the problem will vary according to each case and will be discussed with the patient following an examination, and x-rays where needed.

The most regularly used treatments are as follows:

Fillings - where decay has occurred, this will be removed using a dental drill and can then be filled using either amalgam or white coloured fillings. Usually, a local anaesthetic will be used, except, perhaps, for very minor fillings.

Dental Crowns - Where a tooth has been broken to an extent that a filling would not suffice; a dental crown may be used to repair it. The tooth is first prepared and then impressions taken, from which a dental crown is produced at a laboratory. This is then attached to the prepared tooth using dental cement.

Bridgework - when a tooth has been lost, the gap can be filled using a bridge. This is a replacement tooth that is attached to the two teeth adjoining the gap.

Root Canal - when the inner part of a tooth, where the blood vessels and nerves are stored, becomes infected a root canal procedure can be performed. This involves removing the inner soft part of the tooth which is then filled and the tooth completed with the addition of a dental crown.

Extraction - if a tooth has become so badly damaged that even a crown will not restore it, there may be no other option than to extract the tooth. This will, quite naturally, be done using a local anaesthetic. Extraction is always the last option and we will always try to save the tooth if possible.

From the moment that you walk into Vara Dental Practice, you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff. Our dentists too, are fully aware that many patients are nervous about dental visits and will do all that they can to put you at ease.

By ensuring regular check-ups, along with minor procedures where necessary, we feel that our services are second to none in East London.

For those who also wish to improve the appearance of their teeth, we also offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures including dental veneers and tooth whitening.

I have had a lot of treatment carried out over the years and I have constantly left the dental practice feeling satisfied with the quality and level of both the treatment and service at this family run practice.

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