Discreet and fast acting teeth straightening methods at Vara Dental Practice, Manor Park

If you’re not happy with the position of your teeth or just looking to improve your smile but don’t want to go through lengthy conventional orthodontic treatment, choose from a range of teeth straightening treatments here at Vara Dental Practice.


Invisalign is a series of bespoke clear aligners that are replaced at intervals to guide teeth into an optimal position. Removable and discrete, Invisalign are the ideal orthodontic solution for those with busy social and professional lives. 

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth (QST) is the most affordable, comfortable and effective way of correcting your smile to straighten teeth to give you a perfect smile.

The innovative orthodontic system using clear braces and tooth-coloured wires to ensure that it is barely visible, even close up. They can correct mild to moderate problems and can deliver life-changing results in just four to nine months (six months being the average treatment length).

Inman Aligner

Using a system of springs and alignment bows; the Inman Aligner offers one of the fastest available methods of straightening crooked front teeth.

Unlike most other orthodontic methods, the Inman Aligner works, not by exerting pressure on the front of the teeth alone, but from both the front of the teeth and the rear also. By using this method, the time taken for the teeth to be straightened is significantly reduced.

Wearing time is typically between 16 and 20 hours each day depending on the particular case. Although it is easily removed by the patient, it should be noted that, if removed for longer periods, the time taken to straighten the teeth will increase.

Case 1

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Case 2

Before Treatment

After Treatment

The Procedure

To ensure short term orthodontic treatment is suitable for you, we would first need to carry out a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums; after which we can discuss the treatment, likely outcomes and costs with you in more detail.

For both systems, you will also be required to see our dentist at regular intervals for the duration of treatment to ensure that your teeth are being correctly straightened.

To arrange a consultation, you can simply call us on 020 8552 1626 and speak to our friendly reception team. We’d be delighted to help and give you the smile you want!

Our entire family has been coming to Vara Dental Practice and such is the level of care we constantly receive, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff are extremely accommodating and the dentists take great care of us and are gentle in their approach.

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